IQ-FLOOR IS HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE! The smarter and easier way to build affordable raised floors. Perfect for fair stands and shops.


► HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - by levelling unevenness up to 10 mm

► TOTAL HEIGHT from 40 mm ONLY- 23 mm of space for cables and water pipes

► EASY TO INSTALL - without any tools or knowledge

► FAST LAYING 1 person = 200 m² in 1 hour

► EASY TO CONNECT - by using patented IQ-Connectors 

► CABLE OUTLETS - exactly where they are needed 

► EASY TO HANDLE - by using 1 x 1 m floor panels

► SMOOTH WALKING - by using patented IQ-Softwalk-Cushions 

► HEAVY DUTY - flat load 1.000 kg/m², point load 300 kg

► SUSTAINABLE - by re-usable material and parts

► ECONOMICAL - by low purchase, transportation and storage costs

IQ-FLOOR System 


► IQ-FLOOR Basic Platform for own covering as carpets, laminates


► IQ-FLOOR White with anti-slip coating in white


► IQ-FLOOR Decor with UV-printed, anti slip coatings


► IQ-FLOOR Decor Structure with UV-printed, structured coatings


► IQ-FLOOR Super Matte with super matte coatings


► IQ-FLOOR High Gloss with high gloss coatings


► IQ-FLOOR Freestyle with custom made UV-printed pictures

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